Hilo de Diabolo, and its beginnings.

Dani Blascos, Dídac Gilabert and Marco de Matteis, got together to make a podcast [Diábolo Podcast] about the world of the diabolo, a podcast that never saw the light, but that unleashed a larger project called Hilo de Diabolo, a digital platform on the world of the diabolo.

The main objective of this project is to create an active and healthy community that shares their enthusiasm and enthusiasm about the diabolo.

The day to day of the community is virtual, sharing tricks ideas experiences and many more things through Discord, but once a year, at least, we meet to share analogically, in a few meetings called Acus, to be performed in the Factory of Somnis in Vic, but that can be made in other places.

Diábolo Thread also promotes online diabolo games for people to stay motivated and share their discoveries, such as hilomorphisms.